Life is hard enough already.
Let's make shopping little fun.

Our Stories

Driven by sheer drive to impress, our medium sized team works everyday to bring you the very latest at prices that won't leave your bank account empty. Our famous "O-Finds" are the most sort after, the best and timeless piecesof art at remarkable prices

Our brands: Ovials Essentials | Ovials Express | Ovials Africa. We source, curate, and select high quality merchandise directly from suppliers to serve our customers with impeccable quality merchandise through close cooperation links with suppliers in key manufacturing hubs. We operate sales channels in various retail markets across North America, Europe and Africa.

  • Our Mission

    Deliver customers true purchase intentions throughout our sales channels and be the champions of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Our Vision

    Lead the next decade in digital marketplaces and be our customers first choice for curated, best quality merchandise and best in mind for greatest value for money on essential daily consumer goods.

  • Stylish forever

    Our commitment to cutting edge styles and best, innovative products.

  • Celebration

    Celebrate our customer success as they shop through our channels.

  • Environment Savvy

    Because we all want a clean vaccation, protect our environment together.

  • Great VfM

    Lead and consistently stay preffered for best value a penny can buy.

The Best Team Available

We could have asked for very many variations of the best team, but the very greatest of them comes from are those making real impact in people's lives with their talents, this is our team

Nina Burns

Tech Leader

Tommy Hilfiger


Vladimir Radskin

Web Designer

Michael Phelps

Founder, CEO

Michal Kors