Our Double-O Promise

What's ovials Double-O Promise?

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Ovials Double-O promise is our commitment deliver our customers’ true purchase intentions regardless of the product type in our customers cart and checkout page.

This is our strive ensure we provide our customers products that satisfactorily meet the actual needs. In essence, we have made a commitment to quality merchandise that ensures our products work as assumed and as intended. It seems simple, but we have seen it all. Ovials want’s to ensure our customers can enjoy a hustle fre shopping with genuine products that function as marketed through all our sales channels. This means we strive to ensure that the obvious intention of our customers online purchase is strictly met.

Cutting the hustle and doubts

Finding products that truly satisfy our purchase intend as final consumers is truly a guess game today. It starts with that final thought at checkout, will it work, does it look like it is on the picture, how long can it last, why is it half the price? Commitment to buyers’ satisfaction is depleting on most online stores and marketplaces, and buyers are left more and more on their own to fend for themselves. It’s as if a simple intend of a buyer in the purchase is also diminishing or is not as obvious as the beautiful images displayed across webpages. We believe we can solve that, we think our customers love us exactly for that reason. In most cases, it’s pretty obvious what a customer wants to solve with a purchase. Ovials exists to ensure we provide products and an online community where buyers feel safe and assured that their purchase intend and expectations survive the small print in sales agreements. This is precisely the reason our terms of service and all other useful, critical buyer protection policies like returns and refunds policies are clearly set out in simple language and available across our main shop pages.

If you browsed through a ton of websites, compared prices and still wonder if that’s going to be another unexpected surprise, well you need not search further. Ovials.com was developed exclusively to ensure a smooth purchase experience regardless of the merchandise geographical location to the final consumer. In fact, because we realized this is exactly why multitudes of shoppers return and make repeated purchase on other unrelated, and very broad range of products on ovials.com, we made it our business model to ensure our customers experience unparalleled shopping experience. We are also the first to admit that there are always little hiccups here and there, whether internally or down the supply chain stream with our suppliers and partners. It is for this reason that we set out policies that are largely protective of our customers who stick with Ovials simply because of our Double-O promise. It’s what it is supposed to be, or its not. It is truly that obvious and yes, that Ovials.

  • Get quality stuff

    We are committed to deliver your eact purchase intetions.

  • Rolling gifts back

    Committed to keeping our most loyal customers.

  • Season perfect

    Best products delivered to match any season.

  • Keeping you ahead

    We beat trends to ensure you remain ahead of the pack.

Ovials, the company

Ovials Limited is a division of Yiwu Reshly Trading Company Limited, a registered corporation in Yiwu city of Zhejiang province. We source, curate, and select high quality merchandise directly from suppliers to provide our customers with impeccable quality direct from the makers of our products. We further go to as far as we can source down the supply value chain on third party brands. We operate sales channels to a number of main consumer tech retail markets across the Americas, Europe and Africa.

Our main customers are largely from the United States, Germany, Russia, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Nigeria, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico, and other smaller markets within Asia, Africa and Europe. Our customers choose us for smart, automated household electronics, outdoor and camping products, modernized decorative and entertainment antiques and furniture, kitchen utensils as well as fashion and electronic accessories. We also receive large volumes of shoppers looking for seasonal items for summer or winter where quality and delivery times are of equal essence. The latter serves as a benchmark internally for us on our brand equity; that is a deep level of trust on delivery of intended products and quality on season-sensitive merchandise. Nobody likes to order products only to end up tied in wrong product exchange returns and reordering, we strive to provide the best consumer essentials and pass down the requirement of meeting true consumer purchase intentions to all our suppliers and vendors.

Our history

Ovials store is a rebrand of Xstreetz E-Retailer which provided general merchandise across consumer electronics; fashion apparels; electronic accessories; fashion accessories; home decoration and furniture; other entrainment essentials; as well as office automation products. Ovials store exists today on the back of a revamped business model of a subtle, yet powerful premise; delivering true purchase intentions through our selection of merchandise for sale.

Mission of existence

We exist to strive for and remain a leader in providing essential consumer goods, solely based on delivery of our customers’ true online purchase intentions.  We are therefore committed to continuous improvement on curation and selection of quality-crafted merchandise for our customers through our Double-O promise. Inherently, we are striving to become a leader in sustainable consumption and prioritizing promotion and sale of environment-friendly merchandise by following our suppliers and partners’ production methods down the value creation chain.

Our vision

We are striving to become the number one, online consumer-driven retail outlet of choice on delivery of true online customer purchase intentions regardless of product choice within the turn of this decade, coinciding with achievement of the sustainable development goals by 2030.

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